Facility Design and Permitting

Long-standing experience combined with outstanding technical resources allows Allied Environmental Consultants to precisely evaluate and design solid waste facilities, including:

  • Municipal solid waste landfills
  • Industrial waste landfills
  • Construction and demolition landfills
  • Transfer stations
  • Compost facilities
  • Household hazardous waste facilities
  • Material recovery facilities
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Municipal Solid Waste Management and Planning

Allied Environmental Consultants excels in solid waste management planning; our record of timely approvals by regulators for both solid waste management plans and plan updates is unmatched.  We can conduct workshops for county commissioners, planning boards, environmental staff, and solid waste management committees, as well as help focus your solid waste management planning efforts.  Allied Environmental Consultants has designed recycling and household hazardous waste programs, prepared closure plans, conducted program cost analysis, and performed vehicle routing studies.

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Industrial Waste Management and Planning

Many industrial facilities generate hazardous and special wastes during production, construction, demolition, and other operations.  Allied Environmental Consultants understands the regulatory requirements for these wastes and can provide evaluation and planning to determine proper, cost-effective handling and disposal.  We also provide site monitoring services during waste handling on a single or multiple project basis.

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Commercial Waste Audits

Allied Environmental Consultants provides waste generation audits for commercial and industrial clients.  Waste generation audits will allow businesses to target portions of the waste stream for source reuse, reduction, or recycling, resulting in lower costs for waste handling and disposal.

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Grant Preparation

Allied Environmental Consultants provides grant application services for local and regional solid waste management groups as well as private businesses.  We have prepared grant applications for in-kind and matching grants and have also worked with investment bankers to secure financing for solid waste ventures.  Grant applications prepared by Allied Environmental Consultants have resulted in significant awards tor numerous clients. We continue to help clients acquire grant funds to:

  • Purchase equipment
  • Install monitoring well systems
  • Conduct waste analysis
  • Prepare and implement public education plans
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