Investigations and Remedial Design

Mold, bacteria, dust, cat hair, chemicals, and even candles and scented oils can all affect indoor air quality.  Poor indoor air quality, or IAQ, can cause headaches, nausea, itchy eyes and scratchy throats, and sometimes more severe symptoms.  Often, people believe they have the flu or a cold, but when symptoms persist, they usually suspect something in the building is affecting their health.  Finding the source of poor IAQ isn’t always easy and solutions can be just as elusive, unless you know what to look for and what to do.  Additionally, no two IAQ concerns are the same, just as no two buildings are the same.

Identifying the source of indoor air pollution requires a unique combination of experience and technical knowledge.  The investigator must recognize the circumstances that contribute to air pollution and identify the cycle of symptom onset and relief.  Interviewing the building occupants is critical, with their responses often providing clues to the source(s) of concern.  This information is then considered alongside the quantitative data that can be collected from a variety of instruments and analyses. Allied Environmental Consultants has extensive experience in combining our experience and technical knowledge to conduct indoor air quality investigations that parallel EPA guidelines and provide sound, economical solutions.  We provide the plans necessary to complete remediation in a manner that is safe for the worker and structure.

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